Dubai Olympic Gymnastics Club
Club Rules & Regulations
    • Gymnasts are required to arrive 10 minutes prior to classes commencing. Late arrivals might be refused admittance as warm-ups will have been missed;
    • Gymnasts are not allowed to be on the equipment without the supervision of a coach;
    • Hair must be neat and tied back at all times;
    • Gymnasts are to be properly dressed either in a leotard (girls) or shorts with a tight fitting T-shirt (boys). Ballet leotards with an attached skirt or frills are not permitted.
    • No jewellery is to be warn during training (includes watches, necklaces, bangles, etc.)
    • No eating allowed on the gym floor;
    • Parents and guardians to arrive 15 minutes prior to classes finishing;
    • Gymnasts are not allowed to leave the premises without parents or guardians;
    • Parents and guardians are not allowed to approach any of our coaches whilst classes are in session, please speak to our club administrator if necessary.
    • Parents of Tiny Tots gymnasts should be present in the waiting area for the duration of the training session.
    • Gymnasts in our Tiny Tots and Tumble Tots programs that constantly cry, do not want to participate in the lesson, or children who run around jumping on equipment and are unable to follow instructions from the coach will not be accepted into the program until they are at an age where the concentration and discipline levels are improved. This type of behaviour courses disruption to other classes and the concentration of other gymnasts;
    • Enrollment in a class is a commitment for the Term (or balance of Term if a late start) and we do not provide refunds in the event your child changes their mind and does not wish to continue;
    • Parents/guardians are not permitted to be in the gymnasium training area, but are welcome to stay in the reception area if they wish so.
    • Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated at DOGC and includes, but is not limited to foul language, racial slurs, rude or inappropriate gestures, general disrespect of other persons or property.
      Bullying and/or verbal or emotional abuse will not be tolerated - this includes action/language directed at teammates, coaches, parents or other members of DOGC. Please think before you speak or act and ask yourself if your words/actions might be hurtful to someone else.
    • Any parent that is verbally abusive, attempts to intimidate, is flagrantly rude, or cannot control their language or actions with a volunteer, fellow parent or DOGC staff member, will be asked to immediately leave and may be permanently barred from entering the facility again. In addition, enrollment of his or her child(ren) may be immediately revoked without compensation
    • These rules and regulations are supplied for the safety of your children.

Term Fees and Conditions of Payment:

  • Fees are calculated at 60dhs/hour (discounts are offered on high frequency attendance/programs)
  • Fees listed below include 5% VAT
  • We charge an Annual Registration Fee of Dhs160 per child and it will be automatically added to your fees when you register for your first class;
  • Class sizes are limited. Registration without payment of a Deposit (or Full Payment) will not hold a seat within the class. A seat is only allocated and confirmed upon receipt of a Deposit or Full Payment. If you choose the Pay Later option your request is marked "Pending" and we are only able to confirm a seat in the class 24 hours before the class is scheduled to begin (given remaining availability). 
  • Enrollment in a class is a commitment for the Term (or balance of Term if a late start) and we do not provide refunds in the event your child changes their mind and does not wish to continue;
  • Any balance of Term fees must be paid in full in the first week of the commencement of Term; Any gymnasts owing fees past this date will not be admitted to training sessions until payment is received;
  • No refund under any circumstances;
  • Classes are not transferrable to other children;
  • The Club is the hirer of the facilities it uses and hence takes no responsibility for loss of property, injury or maintenance of the facility;

Missed classes:

  • Missed classes will be forfeited as we do not offer makeup classes.
  • Please note that we do not close for public or school holidays within a scheduled term unless specified in our Term Dates



Whilst we certainly understand that traffic can be frustrating in Dubai we would appreciate it if you could plan for it accordingly and arrive in time for the start of classes and also to collect your children (15 mins prior to the end of class). There have been numerous occasions in the recent past where coaches have had to wait for up to 40 minutes past the last class for tardy parents. As a result, if a child has been picked up more than 15 minutes late on more than three occasions then the membership will be cancelled and no refund given;
Classes end at 7pm on week days and 5pm on Friday. 15 minutes after this time any children that have not yet been collected by parents/guardians are to remain in the Reception area under the supervision of the facility staff;


As gymnastics is a vigorous sport we ask you to please provide your child/ren with a water bottle and, for gymnasts in Tech Prep, a small light snack at every session;


Please note that all female gymnasts are required to wear a leotard at all times. Club leotards are not compulsory for training, however, they are compulsory for competitions. Should you wish to purchase a leotard from the Club they are available from the Office during normal operating hours.
Leotards are not compulsory for male gymnasts during training although Club training sets are available for purchase from the Office too.  Alternatively male gymnasts should wear shorts (without pockets) and a close fitting t-shirt for training.  Club leotards are compulsory for all competitions.



    • Please use one of our two viewing galleries which are situated either side of the VIP entrance. Kindly note that parents are no longer able to view the classes from within the main training area.
    • One of our key focuses is to give children confidence through sport, we encourage them to take responsibility for themselves at training no matter their age. In the past some children have become reliant on their parent(s) being with them at training and therefore struggle to compete to their best ability when their parents are unable to accompany them.
    • We understand, of course, that you are keen to follow your child’s progress and offer class viewings to accommodate this. Parents are invited to remain within the training facility within the last week of each term.
    • Parents of our 3-4 year old gymnasts (Tiny Tots) may be asked to be present on the gymnasium floor if their child displays separation anxiety. Parents are requested to leave the class once their child has settled into the training routine but to remain at the facility throughout the class.


    • CCTV is in operation at all times.
    • We take security very seriously and urge you to ensure if you are not waiting at the gymnasium for your child when they are in classes, that you arrive back to the gym at least 5 minutes before the end of the lesson in order to be able to collect them. Children are not allowed to leave the gymnasium Floor or Reception area unaccompanied at any time (by someone known to them) and we ask you to please reiterate this with your child to ensure they fully understand the rule and the reasoning behind it.
    • Parents of Tiny Tots gymnasts should be present in the waiting area for the duration of the training session. We also ask parents of any child that requires assistance in the bathroom to remain as well as coaches cannot leave the gymnasium floor to assist your child.
    • Our policy for any student that is still awaiting collection after 7.00pm is for them to remain in the Main Reception area (where the blue chairs are) until a parent arrives and comes inside to collect them. The area is covered by our security cameras and is under the supervision of the facility staff (behind the shop counter) and also the Facility Manager Mr Amr. If a student is still awaiting collection by 7.30pm then we are notified by the facility staff and begin calling the number provided and, in the event are unable to reach you, your child/ren would remain in our care until you can be located.
    • For the older children - we have noticed some parents encouraging their children to wait outside the facility gates to enable a faster collection. Please can we ask you NOT to encourage your child to leave the premises for any reason. All parents or collecting drivers must come into the carpark and collect the children from within the facility.

   DOGC proudly follows both the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic and FIG Programs