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Coronavirus Updates


DATE: 11/03/2020

Dear Parents,

As the World Health Organisation has officially declared Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic and on receiving further recommendations and advice from the Government authorities we have therefore entered a new phase in implementing additional precautions and preventative measures in containing the virus.

We wish to announce the suspension of all DOGC academy gymnastics activities for all age groups with immediate effect.

The resumption of activities will commence after receiving approval from the relevant authorities.

Make-up classes will be provided.

Our coaches and management wish parents and students continued good health and happiness

Thank you



DATE: 07/03/2020

Dear Parents,

DOGC have taken an optimistic view on the balance of the probabilities "Balance of risk" as we carry on" business as usual"  ensuring best practices and standards-based on the evidence available and advice provided by the relevant authorities. 
We are currently liaising with the Ministry of Health and Prevention as we continue in our efforts in following health and safety guidelines and maintaining a safe working environment at the academy.
DOGC is given to understand the UAE is currently in the "containment phase" and the overwhelming majority of the COVID-19 virus cases are linked to travel and is still linked to known travel to affected areas. The government authorities are working in coordination with the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention and Dubai Health Authority (DHA) medical team to implement precautionary measures against the COVID-19 and continue to ensure the highest levels of safety and protection for the public. Reports of Preventative measures against COVID-19 have been put in place at UAE airports and seaports.
As evidence continues to evolve and based on current news received it is our informed opinion the UAE currently is showing no evidence of community transmission of this virus from an unknown source and no evidence currently available of public areas affected.
Should the UAE Government authorities move from the containment phase and enter in a new phase then additional precautions and measures will inevitably be taken by DOGC Gymnastics Club and further announcements will be made.
We look forward to your continued support.
Kind Regards


DATE: 04/03/2020


Dear Parents,

The UAE Ministry of Education announced late on Tuesday that all public and private schools, universities and higher education institutions across the UAE are to close for four weeks, starting Sunday 8 March adding that the decision is in the interest of public safety in the school community.

We also understand no sports activities are taking place in school facilities.

At DOGC Gymnastics academy we are continuing to adhere to global health requirements, particularly related to the precautionary measures curbing the spread of coronavirus and are monitoring any specific guidance advice from UAE government entities  and and

DOGC will remain open running our normal schedule. However, should an announcement is received from the above Government entities requesting closure of our operations, we will implement and action with immediate effect.

The decision will form part of further UAE precautionary measures during the containment and delay phase when deciding what actions and are undertaken to slow down further the spread of the (Covid-19) virus.

We will provide an update to our team and yourselves as and when appropriate and in the interim are carrying on as normal.

Kind regards,



DATE 29/02/2020


Dear Parents,

As I am sure you are already aware, we are faced with the expectation that coronavirus (Covid-19) may present a risk to our students, parents, and staff. At present, in the UAE, the risk levels are low.

However, for the protection of everyone concerned, we are looking to ensure we play our part in addressing the risk factors as early as possible as follows:

1. We recognise the advice from the government by following good hygiene practices.
2. We advise all to self-isolation or seek medical treatment if the risk is suspected. 
3. We adhere to this advice internally, with all our staff being provided with additional hygiene advice and levels of hygiene products.

Also, should any of our coaches have visited or had close contact with anyone who has visited any of the areas identified by the government as high risk, then we have asked them to follow the government recommendation. Should the advice be to seek medical help or to self-isolate, we have asked them to make contact directly with our management team to make immediate provision for their absence.

We request all parents, customers and their families that have been advised to seek medical help or to self-isolate, we ask that they contact our office on +971 55 566 7455, or via email at

We will continue to monitor any specific Government advice found at the following websites and will update the information to our team and yourselves as and when appropriate. and

Until then, our operations will continue as usual.

Thank you and regards,







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