Dubai Olympic Gymnastics Club
Which Class or Program?

Since DOGC opened its doors in 2003. we have become a regional leader in the Artistic Gymnastics field.  Our focus on helping your children develop to their greatest potential sets us apart from other gyms and programs in general.  We say this because our low student/teacher ratio and many sets of preschool and Olympic apparatus maximizes the time your child spends in our gym. We offer a full range of Artistic gymnastics programs for all levels of ability and interest from complete Beginner through to Advanced and we have experienced, caring, qualified and enthusiastic staff.

At DOGC we follow the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program for  boys (2013-2021).and girls follow the FIG program  For further details on the program please visit USA Gymnastics  for boys and FIG Gymnastics for girls, if you are an existing student you can log-in and view the videos and .pdfs through the DOGC Members Portal ;

Under the USA Program levels range from 1-10, with Level 3 as the introductory level  (for boys) with the most basic requirements and skills.   Gymnasts progress at their own pace but must achieve a minimum score (8.5 on each apparatus) in competition in order to progress to the next level.  It generally takes a full year (3 consecutive terms) to pass a level however some students are able to achieve this in 2 terms and some students take 4 or 5 terms.

There are 4 apparatus for female gymnasts (Floor, Vault, Balance Beam and Asymetric Bars) and 6 apparatus for male gymnasts (Floor, Vault, Parallel Bars, High Bar, Rings and Pommel Horse).

 What classes does DOGC Offer?

For children aged between 3 years and 6 years we offer our 1 hour Tiny Tots and Tumble Tots Program and you can choose to attend once, twice or even 3 times per week.
For Boys and Girls aged 5 & 6 years with significant previous experience we also offer the TOPs program (entry into this program is by Coach invitation only) which has a minimum 2 x 2 hour classes/week and leads straight into our Competitive Tech Prep Program once your child has reached 7 years.
For Boys and Girls aged 7 years + we offer a range of 2-piece, 3-piece and full apparatus programs dependent on how many classes you wish to attend every week and what level you have achieved.


How do I select the Right Class for My Child?









   DOGC proudly follows both the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic and FIG Programs