Dubai Olympic Gymnastics Club
Class Progression


  • DOGC follows the British Gymnastics steps program for our recreational stream, and the current 2013-2021 USA  Junior Olympic Program for our competitive boys whilst our girls follow the more challenging FIG Syllabus.
  • We make no allowance for age exceptions in any class;
  • Minimum number of training sessions apply to some classes and there are no exceptions;
  • Enrollment in Elite, Tech Prep and TOPs classes are by Coach Invitation Only 
  • We conduct in-class Progress Reports in the 2nd to last week of every term for Tumble Tots, Foundation and Higher Foundation students.  The Coaches will complete a
    report card for each student which they take home with them at the end of the class for you to review.  Please understand that these are not formal assessments but simply
    Progress Reports so that you are aware of your child's development throughout the past term and we are not able to complete assessments in the weeks prior to or following the set Progress Report week under any circumstances.  
  • Progress measurement for all other students in TOPs, Excel, Tech Prep and Elite is conducted via participation and scoring within the formal scheduled Competitions


   DOGC proudly follows both the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic and FIG Programs